Tuesday, November 07, 2006

THE BIG VOTE 2006!!!

So I have been hanging out with some pretty political animals lately...Scarlett is a diehard Hillary Rodham-Clinton fan (she told me) and Sam seems to support her too!

Haha...yeah so below you can see some pics of Scarlett...she put a Hillary bumper sticker on her side and then wanted me to take her picture...lol and Sam wanted me to take his picture at work...just so that the Hillary bumper sticker that I have hanging in my office could be seen in the background!!

They both knew that I would be posting these pics on my blog...so I'm assuming that they must be Hillary fans!! Anyway, I am a BIG Hillary fan myself...I was sssssssssssoooooooooooooooo PISSED when some punks stole my Hillary for Senate yard sign out of my front yard, so I decided to plaster the windows of my bedroom with Hillary propaganda...I call it "The Windows of Hillary." Pictures of the windows can also be seen below.

So yeah other than this election day stuff there hasn't been that much going on with me. I still like my job and things are falling into place, well kind of. Anyway, I have been going to Sabres games, hanging out at Alternative Brews with the girls (that place ROCKS...and so does JJ Swing...their live horn section is AWESOME!!, they are my new favorite local band!!). I also hung out with my twin (H) last Friday...we haven't seen each other in a long while so it was very fun...I definately drank wayyyy too many Blue Moons w/ oranges!! I forgot my camera so there are no new twin photos to post :____( The hot guy from the Friday before didn't show up...or maybe he did...we said 7pm and we ended up getting there at like 9:30pm...oh well!!

I think thats all for now...my life is actually kind of boring except for a few bursts of excitement (or aggrevation) that come along...sorry it's taken me so long to post something...like I said nothing is really going on. I did have to post for election day though...GO BLUES...DOWN WITH THE REDS...they are Lame-O! Hope you voted (Democrat) today!! (I'm kidding...actually voted for a few Republicans today myself!)...Until next time....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Isn't she the cutest?!?

Scarlett says "Vote for Hillary!!"

Sam looks soooo serious!!! This is a kewl picture don't ya think?...Sam also told me that he is voting for Hillary on Nov 7th!! He rocks!!

Sam rocks...he is on my desk in my office at work...you can also see my Hillary bumper sticker in the background!! GO HILLARY!!

My side facing window...HILLARY ROCKS!!

Shot from the porch, looking into the front door...GO HILLARY!!

My front facing window...GO Hillary!!

A shot of both of my windows! Go Hillary!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rhonda rocks!

so yeah I haven't posted in a while...shit this always happens doesn't it?!?...anyway I posted some pictures below of me at the Erie County Fair in August...it was fun. I especially enjoyed visiting with all of the farm animals...which is what all of my pictures are of, go figure! So yeah I also enjoyed some maple syrup cotton candy, roasted chicken and a caramel apple sundae...yummy. So anyway, here is my horoscope from today...it is creepy how these things are true sometimes!!!!

Here is your horoscope for Saturday, September 2: You require nothing but the best, but could it be that those same high standards are making life unnecessarily difficult? Try to adjust your expectations to allow some room for mistakes, missteps -- and a little fun.

My high standards do make my life "unnecessarily difficult!!!" Actually it is kind of annoying that I am the way that I am...my life would be way easier if I just expected less from everyone, including myself. This includes things like my career choice (I thought that I'd be doing more)- take from that what you will, my love life, my friendships and just my life in general. Oh well, there must be some grand reason that I am the way that I am!

I was kind of scared of this massive cow...can you tell?!?

some cute piglets at the fair :)

a creepy bunny at the fair...haha

This is Rhonda...I met her at the Erie County Fair...isn't she cute??

Rhonda is awesome ;)

Rhonda and I at the fair....GOATS ROCK!!

Me "driving" the Metro bus at the fair

Sunday, August 06, 2006

fighting the good fight

Hey...sorry again for the lack of posting and sorry in advance for the lack of detail in this post, but I have been so busy, but nothing really interesting has happened to me either! So as most of you know, my last day of work at B&E was July 8th. My co-workers there got me this really nice ice cream cake and some balloons and a really sweet and funny card that they all signed. It was sad to leave all of my friends there, but I wasn't totally depressed about it because I knew that my new job would be awesome.

I started my new job working with Jeanne at DC on July 18th. I like working at DC so far, there are a nice group of girls that were already employed there when I started and we are getting along well. I have my own office and plenty of work to keep me busy in it! I am doing all of the buying for the clinic so I am on the phone and meeting with drug reps and distributors regularly! I also am doing all of the technician stuff since I am the only tech there which is also kewl. We have had a few surgeries mostly everyday which is kewl b/c prepping and assisting in surgeries are my favorite parts of being a tech...with placing IV catheters and drawing blood coming in a close second and third! Anyway, we have also had some weird cases that have had happy endings so far. Overall I am enjoying my new job!

So other than my new job, not much else has really happened in my life! Scarlett is continuing to grow up (way too fast) and I bought her a cute little pearl necklace that you can see in the pictures below. I also went to Holly's wedding which was fun. It was nice b/c a few friends from B&E were there and we got to catch up a bit. So that's really it for now...I hope that I didn't forget anything...

Me hugging my 2 best friends (the B&E autoclaves) good bye during my last week there!

H hangin' w/ her cute baby Tiki @ B&E

The beautiful cake that my B&E co-workers got for me on my last day...sniff...sniff

Me with the awesome cake!

Scarlett likes to hang out under my bed

still under the bed...


Scarlett trying to find food under the cones at All Dawgs

Scarlett and I at her last day of Puppy Class @ All Dawgs

Holly & her new husband Rollie

H and I chillin' at the weddin'

H in Rachel's glasses

Me in Rachel's glasses

Jess, Rachel, Holly, H and I at Holly's wedding!

Scarlett wearing her pearls...isn't she cute!?!

Ferocious Scarlett! ahhhhh

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I would like to start this post with a horoscope that was so fitting for me lately I just had to save it to post to my blog...

Dear Visitor,Here is your horoscope for Monday, June 19: The stars give you the inner stability and the outward social grace to transition easily from an ill-fitting situation into a more appropriate one. Now, more than ever, you see how endings are just beginnings in disguise.


so anyway...lots has been going on...I don't even know where to begin...I haven't posted in 2 months...and I'm sorry...I have just been so busy living my life I haven't had any time to recount it and write about it! Anyway...Scarlett is getting soooo big...I had her stripped last week and now she looks so old! She also got spayed yesterday, MR did it and I was the surgery tech and H helped me start her down. Everything went well.

I went to several communion parties...one of which was for my cousin Katie...it was a great party because they had a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN there with lots of kewl stuff to dip in it!! It was sooo exciting!! You can see pictures of that below this post!! I was also my cousin Nicole's Confirmation sponsor.

I have gone to a few parties since my last post too...Dawn D had a kewl party at her house...but I forgot my camera that night so there are no pictures from that :(:(...then Bob had a nice party at his new house...it was kewl & I have some pictures on here from that night!

I have also have gone to a few weddings recently. Pam got married on June 3 and now her and her husband Jamey are living in RI doing their residencies. The wedding was really nice. I had a good time! I also got to see Becky & Sean and Stephanie- and I haven't seen them since Canisius!! That was kewl too...everyone is doing well.

I also went to my cousin Matt's wedding last weekend on June 24. That wedding was fun too...and they had a chocolate fountain and an open bar...they must have known that I was coming! My Aunt Michelle tried to set me up with her nephew (disclaimer...she is not really my Aunt...she went to college with my dad and we are all very close...therefore her nephew is not related to me at all!!!...I just wanted to clear that up!!) Anyway, her nephew and I really did not hit off at all. We chatted for a few minutes and that was about it. I was too excited about the chocolate fountain and the bar to care though!!! I think that I will always be "that family member" or "that friend" who people always try to set up with someone they know...eeekkk...god knows I can use all of the help that I can get, but maybe I'm just meant to be single...who knows...

On a much happier note...I got some really good news...I was out to dinner at Pizza Junction...where I got some really yummy Hawaiian pizza (btw if I do end up with a guy in the end he has to have a liking for Hawaiian pizza!). My phone rang and of course I jumped to answer it because it hardly ever rings...it was Jeanne's husband Scott calling to offer me the Vet Tech job at Jeanne's new clinic! I was elated! Of course I accepted it!! I had interviewed for this job a few days before along with 2 other people, so I was in suspense and I was glad to hear something...let alone that they chose me!!

So then I met some friends from work at the beer tent at the field days...and that was fun...except for the fact that I couldn't say anything to anyone about my new job since I needed to give my notice at work before I could tell anyone else about it!!

So I gave my notice at work this past Monday...I told Barb first and that was sad...we both cried...and then I told everyone else and I cried a few more times. I mean I am VERY happy about this new job, but I have been working with the same people for the past 2.5 years, the vast majority of which I get along with and respect and it is kind of bittersweet to leave. This job was also my first as a Veterinary Technician and I have learned a lot from working there, so I will always remember it because of that too. So yeah I'm going to have a lot more responsibilities at my new job though which is very exciting. I'm going to be the only tech for now and I'll also be doing ordering for the clinic, inventory and client education. It is going to be so much fun...I mean I love being a vet tech, but at my current job I feel like my education and skills aren't being utilized to their highest degree...but at my new job I feel that my education and skills will be utilized to the highest possible degree which is very exciting! Anyway, sorry to go on so long about my new job, but I am sooo excited! My first day is set to be July 10th! :)

My knee is also doing well which is a good thing too...and my last day of physical therapy is July 6th! It hurts only sometimes now as opposed to all of the time so it is an improvement and it is really the best that it can be since I have arthritis & pitting on my kneecap! I am happy that the surgery and recovery have gone so well. I really resumed normal activities quite soon after the surgery which was nice. I was really afraid that I wasn't going to be able to drive or to take Scarlett to puppy classes, which by the way she LOVES!! It is soooo cute to see her playing with the other dogs when they all go off leash and it is kewl to go through the agility equipment stuff with her. She really has a great time!!

Hmmm...what else can I write about...OH YEAH...the last time I posted the Sabres were in the playoffs...it was very kewl for a while...I went to pretty much all of the games...speaking of which, if anyone wants to get seasons tickets with me for next season, let me know...I really want to get them!! Seasons tickets in the 300 level where our tickets were are like $600 something a seat...which works out to like $15/ game!! Then as a season ticket holder you get discounted playoff tickets if they make it that far again...which they will! Anyway, I still can't believe that Carolina beat us...if I weren't for all of our injuries we would have kicked their asses. Their coach is annoying too...Peter Laviolette...he always had this smug look on his face like he was "better than. "Errrr...I mean I'm glad that an American team won the cup instead of a Canadian team, but I'm not glad that it was Carolina! :(
On another note, The Devil Wears Prada was a great movie! and so was Prime...well Prime wasn't that great, but Meryl Streep made the whole movie!!! I love that woman, she is sooo funny!!
Well I think that's all for now...enjoy all of the pictures that I posted below from the past 2 months!

Scarlett looking cute (as usual) wearing her harness :)

Scarlett looking serious!

My Aunt Lucille <3's the chocolate fountain!

Chocolate fountains ROCK!!

My cousin's dog, Mickey & I

Scarlett loves Greenies just like Travis used to :)

Scarlett likes to look out our front windows in the kitchen!

Nicole & I with the Canadian bishop after her Confirmation ceremony

Scarlett & I...isn't she cute?!?

Pam & I at her wedding

Tina and I at Pam's wedding

Becky & I at Pam's wedding :)

Pam & her new husband Jamey :)

Me in H's hat...damn I look good in hats :)

Me, Michelle, Bob & H...the hat crew!

Scarlett causing trouble...getting into the lower kitchen cabinets!!

Scarlett before getting stripped...she looks like a wooly bear cub! haha

Scarlett taking a bath!

Scarlett says, "let me out of the tub!!!"